Drunken Easter Egg Hunt

I am pretty darn excited about Oyster Easter this year. It’s updated. It’s jam-packed with activities. It’s the unveiling of the Drunken Easter Egg Hunt.

Booze Eggs

Disclaimer: We encourage everyone to drink responsibly and leave your car at Travellers Rest should you inadvertently get over-served.

Yes, an Easter Egg Hunt just for adults who can display their inner child by running around the grounds of Travellers Rest in search of airline bottles. And candy. And jewelry. And surprises. And a super duper grand prize.

Bunny Hat

But that’s not all. How about a contest for the best dressed people? This will be hotly contested because there are lot of really spiffy people at Oyster Easter. Our event chair, Brian Ward, is the head judge. He has a purple suit. I think if he weren’t judging he’d win this thing hands down. And more super duper grand prizes.

Hula Hoop Contest 2

But that’s not all. How about the annual Hula Hoop contest? Nothing like a little liquid lubricant to get all the guests hooping away. And there’s another super duper grand prize for the winner.

Not to mention the GoPro capturing all the action as it happens and the photo booth where you can live Tweet just how fabulous you look and the jammin’ tunes by DJ Ian McCarty and the Cajun buffet by South Street, wine by City Winery, beer by Blackstone, spirits by Angel’s Envy and cigars by Crowned Heads. Whew.

And I haven’t even gotten to the main event. The King and Queen candidates: (an alphabetical order) Jonathan Bowman, Antonio Compton, Rachel Gerlits, Keith Hayman, Anna Lockhart and Michelle Yates. Thanks to all in advance for helping CRC give people a hand up in life.

OE 11 Proposal 2

Fair warning: It will be hard for the King to top last year’s winner. Jason Campbell proposed after being crowned King.

So I’m already tired and the party hasn’t even started. The weather will be ideal: 70 degrees and sunny. Get your tickets and come on over to Travellers Rest Saturday 1-5 p.m. for Spring’s best party. We’ll have something special at the CRC booth. It just may involve alcohol. And bacon.

Drunken Easter Egg Hunt

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