Brian’s Celebration of Life

Brian’s Celebration of Life

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We washed the warehouse floor for the first time since we’ve been in the building, almost 8 years.

The Millennial was on a mission. He called in reinforcements to unclog a drain in the floor that probably still contained¬† mud left over from the May 2010 floods (oops). Then with the help of a terrific sheriff’s department crew he washed the entire warehouse floor.

Warehouse washing

We felt the need to do this because we are hosting a Celebration of Life Saturday for our dear friend and Oyster Easter chair, Brian Ward. Brian died unexpectedly recently and his family asked that the service be at CRC because of Brian’s devotion to our nonprofit.

So on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. we’ll honor this special man as best as we know how. There will be lots of purple, I’m sure. Brian’s favorite color. There will be remembrances from those who loved him and those he loved. There will be a slide show of his life, with songs selected by his daughter, Chloe. There will be a few tears, I’m sure. But I believe mostly there will be laughter because Brian lived a life full of joy.

Come join us if you can. There will be overflow parking at Layne Company, Fleetco and the truck terminal around the corner on Visco Drive (please don’t park in front of the dock doors as 18 wheelers will still be backing up to deliver there).

It will be warm in the warehouse so come dressed appropriately but comfortably. Pretend you’re at an outdoor wedding in July if you get my drift.

I’d like to think if Brian were there in body as he will be in spirit, he would walk in wearing an Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. He would be bemused at the notion of a Celebration of Life service in a warehouse.¬† And from where he sits now, hopefully having a cocktail and a cigar, I think he approves.

And if you run into Jay, please have a kind word to say about the floor.