The best people

Some of the best people who work at CRC never get a paycheck. They have no benefits and and they never ever complain about the lack of either.

Sheriff's crew

They’re the work crews from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department and CRC would have a hard time living without them.

The sheriff’s department provides crews to Davidson County nonprofits for a variety of jobs – from striping parking lots to hauling boxes. Whatever needs to be done. For CRC, they’re our free lawn service, our warehouse helpers and — in the aftermath of the historic 2010 floods — relief and recovery workers.

Inmates sand-bagging water plant

Yes, several crews sand bagged around the only functioning water plant in Nashville after the flood to save it and our citizens. It was almost 100 degrees and the water they are standing in was filled with chemicals, pesticides and agricultural run off. No one ordered them to do that. They volunteered.

All the inmates in the community service program are low-level offenders, guys who got behind in their child support payments or got caught smoking a joint. They’re really just like you and me except they had a patch of bad luck.

We love our crews because they will almost literally do anything to help. Working at CRC gets them out of jail for a few hours where they can see the sun, feel the breeze and do meaningful work.

And long ago I also found out that their meals in the jail are less than appetizing so they also stay to lunch. I actually enjoy this part the most, as do they. Sometimes it’s McDonald’s when we’re in a hurry. More often, it’s fried chicken, macaroni salad and coleslaw from my beloved Publix. It’s then we have time to sit around the conference room table and chat.

And many times, after they eat, they run one more broom around the warehouse to clean the dust off the floor before they leave. Some of my best employees. Paid in fried chicken and cold Cokes.

The best people
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