Strange requests

Strange requests

We get them all the time. And most of the time we come through.

We have nonprofit partners that serve every population in need you can think of – children, seniors, the homeless, refugees, those recovering from addictions. And they all need things that sometimes you don’t consider a necessity. But necessity apparently is a relative word.

“You don’t happen to have a pulpit,” one partner asked a few years ago. We didn’t at the time but wouldn’t you know it. Not a week later someone donated one to us and we passed it along to Pastor Johnny. He literally did the happy dance in the warehouse. That was fun.

Then there was the time we got 17 pallets of flower bulbs from a major retailer. I was seriously worried about getting rid of those. Turns out schools wanted them for their grounds, other nonprofits wanted them for landscaping and they turned up in hundreds of goodie bags at an Alive Hospice event.

Lewis County Senior Center

Which brings me to the lovely ladies from the Lewis County Senior Center. They were here to get bingo prizes for 50 seniors. We had them loaded up when the director, Beth Ann, asked the unfathomable question: “Do you have a blue stuffed animal?”

Well, we’re not sure. But we knew where a box of stuffed animals was. The first one on top was blue. Turns out there’s an 80-year-old lady who comes to the senior center. She lives alone and has no relatives. And for reasons only she knows, she loves blue stuffed animals.

Once again, mission accomplished.