Packing it in

Bobbie Cox and full van

When you drive more than an hour to come to CRC World Headquarters for a monthly giveaway, every nook and cranny in your van counts.  Bobbie Cox, who works for the South Central Human Resources Agency in Fayetteville, drives almost 90 miles to get here and there’s not a shred of wasted space in her van when she drives back.

I would like to say that this illustrates the incredible value of CRC – that many agencies drive long distances to pick up basic necessities and household goods because it saves them big bucks over the course of a year. But I would also like to say that Bobbie takes it as a challenge. She crammed about a pallet’s worth of stuff in that van.

I am also tagging this post with “Justin Bieber” just to see what kind of traffic that produces. He-he.

Packing it in

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