The lunch ladies

Betsy and I love visiting our nonprofit partners. It helps us understand how to better serve them. So a couple weeks ago, we journeyed to far-off Clarksville to visit with Deborah Wydra with the Community Action Agency. They have a slew of programs that help people, but we focused on one: Old Firehouse Day Shelter.

Yes, it’s in an old firehouse and it serves the homeless with food, clothing, basic necessities, a playroom for children and just a pleasant and extremely tidy place to hang out in safety.

Martha Garrett (in the dress) and Tamara Torres.
Tamara Torres and Martha Garrett

Tamara Torres and Martha Garrett run the place and we got their about lunchtime to tour the facility and talk about what they need from CRC. Have to tell you, lunch looked fantastic.

As we walked around, we could see the impact CRC has had, from the decorative wall hangings (thanks, Kirklands) to the lockers where visitors store their belongings securely to the rows and rows of laundry detergent, toothpaste and other necessities CRC gives away every month. We were all over the place.

So what did they need? Blankets and backpacks and stocking hats and gloves. They were on their way to the Old Firehouse the next day. Maybe we’ll visit again and stay for lunch!


The lunch ladies

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