Looks like a Picasso to us

Betsy and I just love presents. We are blessed to receive, from time to time, sweet potatoes from someone’s garden or a jar of chocolates at Christmas. Our nonprofit partners are like family to us and we’re glad they feel the same.

But it’s truly special when we get a gift made by the people our nonprofits serve.  So we were just tickled when Friend’s Life brought us a painting done by their clients.

Friends Life serves developmentally delayed teenagers and adults. They work with their challenged friends to integrate them socially and professionally into the every day world. There are job training classes. There are exercise classes. There are fun activities like bowling. And there are manners and social etiquette classes (can we join those?).

We have been helping out Friends Life with some badly needed office furniture. When they came to pick up some desks and office chairs this week, they brought us the painting.

We really get back more than we give in our line of work. That painting? It looks like a Picasso to us.

Looks like a Picasso to us

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