Homes for the homeless

How Is Nashville

How’s Nashville, the community campaign to end chronic homelessness, marked an incredible milestone – the project of the Homelessness Commission has found homes for 550 chronically homeless people in one year. That is truly a landmark.

And here’s another great statistic – 75 percent of those people are still in their own home after a year. That means they not only have a roof over their head, but that they’ve taken advantage of all sorts of wrap-around services to assist them in creating healthier and safer lifestyles for themselves.

Not long ago, the Homelessness Commission was, shall we say, less than effective for a number of reasons. But since its new director, Will Connelly, came to town and Judith Tackett was moved up to assistant director the commission has been on fire. And if the commission has this kind of success rate with the most chronically homeless, imagine the ripple effect for people who are better able to manage their lives but find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons.

CRC has assisted the Homelessness Commission on a few occasions and the Chicks look forward to supplying whatever support it needs as it continues to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of our most fragile citizens.




Homes for the homeless

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