Father’s Day at CRC

The Millennial is celebrating his first Father’s Day Sunday. But that’s not what this is about. This is about CRC helping 300 fathers we don’t even know celebrate.


“Miss Catherine, we’re having our Father’s Day cook-out and we need prizes.” It’s Brenda Morrow, the executive director of the Organized Neighbors of Edgehill. By the way, every woman in the South calls every other woman “Miss.” I don’t know why.

How many dads, I ask. 300.

300? Yikes.

So Miss Brenda and two helpers rolled up in a pickup truck this morning to get a prize for each and every dad who will be enjoying fried catfish, burgers, dogs, chips and cookies at a giant celebration tomorrow.

Brenda Morrow

Miss Brenda, by the way, wears a straw hat because she’s also mistress of the Edgehill Community Garden. She’s taught me a thing or ten over the years about vegetable gardening. So you can’t tell how crammed the truck is from this angle. So how about this angle?

Brenda Morrow full truck father day

Some of the time CRC gives away basic necessities food stamps won’t buy. Stuff people have to have to survive. But sometimes it’s just as rewarding to celebrate Dear Old Dad with something to make him smile.

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day, Jay.




Father’s Day at CRC
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