Shelbyville Senior Center

Don’t laugh. We’ll all be there some day. Sitting at the senior center playing bingo. And you know what? It’ll be fun. Bingo will seem like the best game in the world because at the end there are prizes.

Cheers to the Shelbyville Senior Center for sending us a picture of the bingo meisters thanking us for the prizes. We love doing it. We have several big box retailers who donate to us. And included in those donations are nifty bingo prizes like decorative notepads, candles, scarves and the like.

The Millennial and I try to get to know all of our nonprofit partners really well so we can flag certain items we know they always need. For Catholic Charities, it’s complete dish sets and flip flops for refugees. For the Organized Neighbors of Edgehill, it’s door prizes for the many health and job fairs they hold for their low-income residents. For the Clarksville Community Action Agency it’s new women’s clothing for clients who need a better wardrobe to serve as Foster Grandparents in schools. And for Murrell School, it’s personal hygiene kits their students can take home over the summer.

It’s kind of like being a personal shopper at Macy’s. But we get to shop for our brothers and sisters who don’t need a hand out, but a hand up.