Another warehouse chick

Robin with blankets from CRC

The Chicks just love Robin Norris. Robin works for Catholic Charities coordinating housing for refugees. So she’s a warehouse rat like Betsy and me except her warehouse is full of items, some required by law, that every family Catholic Charities resettles must have in their homes.

Everything Robin gets from CRC is brand new. She’s showing off some blankets above. By the way, we must mention that another reason we love Robin is that she brings us treats on giveaway days. Earlier this month, it was chocolate chip cupcakes. Yes!

Robin Norris Warehouse 4

Clocks. A required item. Everyone needs to know what time it is, right?

Robin Norris Warehouse 1

Cow sponge holders. Okay, not a required item. But we got cases and cases of them from a major company that stocks gift shops. And a sponge is a required item. Our refugees are just a little more stylish than average.

Robin is always in need of donations. Click here to see the things she’s most in need of and how to contact her. But no junk, please. If you wouldn’t want it in your home, don’t think any one else will want it in theirs.

Another warehouse chick

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