Anatomy of a giveaway

The January Giveaway is tomorrow. Yes, I know tomorrow is February 2, but last week there was still snow and we are weenies about that in the South so we postponed it.

So basically the giveaways are made up of basic necessities we buy with grant money and surplus inventory donated to us from major corporations. Our warehouse kind of looks like a low-rent Macy’s.

January Giveaway 1

See? But it’s all new. It’s all useful. Well, most of it is useful. Some of it is whimsical, but I’ll get to that. And it’s all free to our nonprofit partners. Some of them treat a giveaway day like a trip to Macy’s. It takes hours to get them out of there. But we won’t name names. Bless their hearts.

So let’s drill down, as they say, to a few items and why they’re useful.

January Giveaway 2

Toys: Kids think they’re useful. And there’s a more serious application. Agencies that deal with traumatized children use them as icebreakers. Something fun to take them away – at least for a few moments – from the trauma they just suffered.

January Giveaway 3

Winter coats: Useful. I don’t need to explain why, do I? Think you’ve got this one.

January Giveaway 5

Wool socks: Ditto the coats. But I will say these not only go to our nonprofit partners but to the Homelessness Commission for cold-weather events. More valuable than gold when it’s cold. Oh, look, I made a rhyme.

January Giveaway 4

Peacocks: Well, not specifically peacocks but all kinds of decorative items. I just thought my “peacock” section was pretty. Who “needs” peacocks and roosters and apple-themed doodads? Senior centers like Fifty Forward, one of our partners. One word: Bingo. Bingo!

Tomorrow morning, our parking lot will be packed. The nonprofits will descend in hoards. It’s “shopping” day at CRC World Headquarters. Couldn’t be happier.

Anatomy of a giveaway

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