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My Medal of Awesomeness

I do not want,  in any form, to take away from the Olympic athletes who have won medals during the London games. We are so proud of all of them. But. BUT. Have they won the Medal of Awesomeness? I have. Last week, I chronicled my struggles to comprehend the new Emma e-mail system and […]

The queen of toilet paper

CRC got a very generous donation of toilet paper today. We re all about the toilet paper. Can you think of anything more basic than toilet paper? Now think of what you’d do if you didn’t have access to it. OK, don’t. But that is the sad situation many people in need face. Betsy, hereafter […]

Free birds

One of the greatest travesties of the devastating May 2010 floods was the loss of our beloved flamingos. Betsy and I found their poor shattered bodies washed up against the chain-link fence. The funeral mass was held at Christ Cathedral and was attended by hundreds of mourners, including Mayor Karl Dean, then-Gov. Phil Bredesen, Dolly […]

Fun with hats

  Can I tell you how much the Chicks love their jobs? Routinely, we get bulk donations from a major retailer that we just adore. And it’s like Christmas in whatever month we’re opening them. We love all this stuff because it makes us smile and we know, in turn, it will make someone in […]

The ’80s Prom

Let me just say I don’t remember looking like this in the 1980s and I’m slightly offended that Betsy would plan an entire fund-raising event at my expense. However, it did allow her to alarmingly stretch her job description. I will have to look it up in the employee manual, but I do not recall […]

The monkey dance-off

We are choreographing the first-ever Monkey Dance-Off here at the world headquarters of the Community Resource Center. It is not every business that has the opportunity to do this. But at CRC, we receive a fair number of stuffed animals that sing from a major retailer and we just felt as though they needed to […]

A girl and her forklift

You could hear her coming before you saw her. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! And around the corner at the airport warehouse comes Kim driving her brand new (at least to her) forklift, loaned to her by our angel Tom in North Carolina. You would have thought she’d just gotten a new Mercedes. Really. Pico was tremendously […]

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