Wacky stuff

When your emergency becomes our emergency

Just a little rant here because the Chicks are so appreciative of every bulk donation we get. But. BUT. We are only Two Chicks in a Warehouse and one of them has a little age on her. Twice in the past week, someone else’s emergency has become our emergency. It happens all the time. ALL […]

We have a winner

This man is all about the bear and duck toilet paper holders and he’s not ashamed to admit it. Look at him. That is one happy man. Actually, there is a practical application for these wacky bathroom accessories. Tim works at Progressive Directions, which serves those with delayed learning issues. There’s a certain someone among […]

Does a bear…

Well, you know. How about ducks? The Chicks get a lot of fun bulk donations at CRC. Many decorative items are distributed to senior centers, group homes and family resource centers. But these guys? Well, I don’t know. This comes under the heading of, “What were they thinking?” Personally, I’m not sure I’d want either […]

Oh, look. Something shiny.

Is anyone else out there having trouble concentrating? This is a pandemic in the South as soon as the thermometer hits 85. All of a sudden we slow way down. And we lose our train of thought. This morning, I went to the warehouse fully intending to be a model of efficiency and accomplishment. I […]

Come out of your shell for Oyster Easter

How much fun can you have at Oyster Easter? Just look at the reigning Oyster King Pate Young and Oyster Queen Danielle DeMott. Raising money for CRC Nashville is the most fun you can have in one four-hour, booze-fueled afternoon. Let’s just go through the day, shall we? First, the guests arrive. They are generally […]

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