All hail to the silly people

The silly people. If you are not of this tribe, please avoid Oyster Easter. Read the Wall Street Journal on your tablet at some internet cafe. Do not attend this wacky, almost (but not quite) out-of-bounds party. Oyster Easter was Saturday and even though the weather was slightly cold and almost rainy, we had a […]

Not why we do this, but a side benefit

We provide new stuff that poor people need and can’t afford. Maybe that should be our new 10-second elevator speech. But a side benefit is that during the giveaways, we are sometimes presented with presents, food and Faith from our nonprofit partners. John Jo Finn and his wife, Judith, brought their granddaughter, Faith, to the […]

We’re nuts

You just never know what’s going to happen on giveaway days. Sometimes, Betsy and I just sit at our table in the warehouse and greet our nonprofit partners who are coming to get basic household necessities (or, as we say in the trade, “stuff”). Then there are days like today when Joyce from the Clarksville […]


Certain things just don’t come to mind when you become a nonprofit executive. All you’re thinking about is the satisfaction of serving others and the idealism of a society in which everyone is given an even shot at the brass ring. But then comes the paperwork of running what is, in the final analysis, a […]

The scavengers

And I mean that in the nicest way. World Relief, one of our partner agencies, does tremendous work resettling refugees from war-torn countries. One of their responsibilities is finding housing for refugees and that includes furnishing many, many apartments. Which is why the warehouse crew at World Relief are scavengers. They look at a filing […]

Let the silliness begin

Oyster Easter is just around the corner (March 30, Travellers Rest, 1-5 p.m.) and the kick-off party was last week. Fun, fun, fun. You’re seeing a photo of the oysters at the party, which went like hotcakes, because a couple of our wonderful candidates were out of town and couldn’t attend. No fair showing photos […]

The bright yellow moving van

When you are a nonprofit school serving extreme at-risk children, sometimes you don’t have the most sophisticated of moving equipment. That’s okay. Come on down, Project Reflect, and bring your school bus. We have chairs for you. Nice chairs. No matter that the emergency door at the back of the bus is barely wide enough […]

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