The lake

One of the things that happens when you buy a warehouse in November is that you discover some things the next summer that you didn’t even consider.  Like the fact that the water heater was about to blow up. And the fact that the air filters in the A.C. system hadn’t been changed in five […]

Tennis anyone?

I pride myself on pretty much being able to give away anything that can be useful to someone else. I’ve given away pool tables. I’ve given away 30-gallon cans of exterior house paint. I’ve even given away a church podium. So here’s my challenge. Tennis light poles. We got a call from a lady in […]

Volunteering: The cheapest entertainment in town

Like most people these days, I’m operating on a VERY tight budget. That doesn’t leave much cash for cocktails with my girlfriends, going to concerts or movies, or my very favorite thing – shopping. What’s a girl to do? Sit at home and clean out closets? Given, it’s productive, but not that fun. So yesterday […]

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