We have Peter Frampton’s t-shirts

I just love Music City. So we’re at our temporary warehouse today when a woman named Lisa McLaughlin comes in with three cases of t-shirts. From Peter Frampton. Actually, from Peter Frampton.¬† Not his personal t-shirts, of course. He’s probably still using them. These were three cases of his t-shirts for sale at his concerts. […]

Slight bit of confusion

It’s hard being in the disaster relief¬† business sometimes. Take today. The lovely people at Dollar General have pallets of the really good stuff – personal l-hygiene products – ready for us to pick up. Normally, Betsy or I would rent a U-Haul and drive over to Goodlettsville to get them. But we’re a little […]

Toxic house of poo

Today is the first day of CRC’s new life. West Nashville Emergency Spill Response is beginning to hoover out the Toxic House of Poo, otherwise known as our flooded warehouse. You just don’t stop to think, really, about what exactly constitutes flood water. Oh, let’s see. There are those giant gasoline storage units just three […]

The third chick

This may look like a photo of three chicks having a tasty mojito at Sambuca. And it is. But context is everything. We are having a tasty mojito after Betsy and I had moved into donated warehouse space, had fielded what seemed like a thousand phone calls of people who needed help and people offering […]

“We’re on our way”

The phones are ringing off the hook today, but this call was different. “We’re on our way!” an emphatic voice said with great authority over the phone. Well, great, I said. What time are you going to get here? “We’ll be there by about six o’clock,” said the voice. It was three in the afternoon, […]

What a mess

Well, hello all. We went to the warehouse today. I had some glimmer of hope that somehow the flood waters had been held back by our incredibly tight metal doors. What an idiot. It was a mess. Here’s Betsy, who has just precariously made her way across the rubble. The whole building looks like this. […]

Our man with stuff

We are open and we have stuff. This is John Moore. He is our man with stuff. He didn’t want his photo taken, but I did it anyway. He deserves some recognition. John owns M&M Wholesale in Old Hickory. Normally, we buy basic personal hygiene and cleaning supplies from John for our giveaways. He sells […]

The kindness of strangers

This may have been the most amazing day of my life, at least professionally. We started out the day with just a flooded out warehouse. We ended the day with a temporary warehouse, an official designation by the Mayor’s Office as the agency to distribute in-kind donations (what Betsy and I affectionately refer to as […]

My new favorite boyfriend

Sunday night, I was watching aerial footage on T.V. of the Cumberland River rising. The helicopter headed out of downtown and toward CRC. I stared and stared, waiting to see what the building looked like. Just as the chopper was a block away…it turned back. I screamed. Mark, my husband, said he was going over […]

Strategy at Star Bagel

The chicks are all about strategy. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that after the initial shock of a flooded building wore off, Betsy and I are ready to move forward. Here we are at our new international headquarters, Star Bagel in Sylvan Park. Betsy brought her daughter, Kirstin, along to help […]

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