We’re the government and we’re here to help

You know the old joke: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” I have just exited FEMA Land and, while a mysterious and somewhat complicated place, it is a place that was full of help and even a few laughs. I entered FEMA Land about a month ago. There was paperwork involved. […]

Great food for two good causes

I’ve been struggling since the Taking Nashville to Higher Ground benefit dinner Tuesday night to give ya’ll an accurate portrayal of just how special this event was. You know how sometimes you’ll go to a restaurant, have a meal and then think you could make that better at home? This was a meal that you […]

We have furniture

We are giddy with excitement, the three chicks are. We have furniture and a place to store it. We are so pleased with ourselves that we decide to have a strategic planning session at Urban Flats. We believe we should treat ourselves when we’ve been good. We now have two warehouses. We’ve been good. Betsy […]

Fine fare for a good cause

I am pinching myself. Seven of the South’s finest chefs are coming to Nashville next week to cook for a good cause… namely me. That’s me as in the Community Resource Center. The event also benefits Mobile Loaves and Fishes, which fed more than 19,000 flood victims and relief workers in the aftermath of the […]

Fixing our broken warehouse

I am offering one of my rare simul-blogs tonight, writing the same blog post on the south in my mouth and two chicks in a warehouse. It is because my worlds intersected today. And, at the end of the day, I needed green noodles. I am in FEMA land. It is not a bad place. […]


Betsy has been a little preoccupied of late. First the flooding. Then she moved. But by far the biggest challenge on Betsy’s plate has been her daughter’s surgery. Betsy is privileged to be mother to Kirstin. Or Kirstin Sunshine as Betsy calls her. Kirstin is a special needs child, although I think of the word […]

Pretty things… finally

First the flood.  Then the clean-up. Finally, finally we get to the good stuff. Starting over. So Betsy and I are at the offices of Street Dixon Rick Architects. Those are my new favorite boyfriends John and Andrew on the right and my new favorite boy and girlfriend Beth and Baird to the left. None […]

The princes of tides

It’s a month after the flood. People are starting to forget. That’s natural. Although there are reminders everywhere you look. Empty businesses, empty houses, giant dumpsters filled with the remains of normalcy. The inmates at the Davidson County jail aren’t forgetting. They are on the front lines of Nashville’s recovery every day. The Sheriff’s Department […]

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