“They’re ruining my display,” laments Betsy as she watches our non-profit partners at this month’s giveaway. Betsy is ridiculous¬† about organization. Absolutely ridiculous. Here she is last week, sorting through boxes of what we in the trade call “surplus inventory” – stuff that companies don’t want but that is perfectly good and usually new. Betsy […]

Why things take so long

So, a reporter calls me yesterday. After gracefully beginning the conversation with a bit of innocuous chit chat, she zeroes in on the purpose of her call. Why is flood recovery taking so long? It’s been six months, already. Why is recovering from this flood taking so ‘frickin’ long? I’ll admit I added the inflection […]

Elbow grease

People are not exactly lining up to volunteer at the Community Resource Center. Stuff a few envelopes? Too wimpy. Do a little filing? Not so much. Lifting heavy furniture onto pick-up trucks? Now, you’re talking. While the chicks at CRC are not ordinarily into heavy furniture and mattresses we’ve embraced the weight post flooding. We’re […]

Flood fatigue

Those of us who are making flood relief our number one activity these days are starting to get a little tired. Just a little. And grouchy. Just a touch of that, too. There are several irritants, not the least of which is the fact that many people in Nashville and most people in the United […]

Lexington barbecue

Tom Morgan and Billy Hunt are my favorite people today because yesterday they fed me Lexington, N.C., barbecue and there’s even a little left over in the fridge. There’s a Thomas Harris quote that goes like this: “The world will not be this way within the reach of my arm.” I think of Tom and […]

We have Garth Brooks’ t-shirts

Aside from the fact that We Are Nashville, there’s a certain advantage to living in this town. And that is the fact that many successful musicians use Nashville as their business base. And they have t-shirts. In the case of Garth Brooks, lots of t-shirts. So we get a call from Deanna Mosher, who works […]


We have plans. They are official. They have an official architect’s stamp from Street, Dixon, Rick. They have been handed over to American Constructors. Beth Phillips, our brilliant architect, designed a beautiful space for us Chicks. We will have a stained industrial concrete floor in the office area. We will have environmentally conscious counter tops […]

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