It’s everything, isn’t it? If we didn’t know it before the flood, we’ve learned that fact since. I was reminded of it when Rick Freeman came to the warehouse last week. This is the happiest guy I have ever met, flood or not. Here he is with his case manager, Olivia Bolden. His house in […]

Compassion in a retail world

Here’s why I love the Sears Outlet store (better known as the “scratch and dent”) on Thompson¬† Lane. I walk in on Wednesday to buy a refrigerator and dishwasher for our new warehouse offices. A very nice lady greets me at the door and assists me in finding a fridge. Then she says, “There’s a […]

The Chicks will be stylin’

We are about two weeks away from being back home. The interior of our flood-soaked warehouse is beginning to look so stylish we will have to dress up for work. Maybe. The first thing you will notice are the beautiful lights in the warehouse proper. And the industrial ceiling. And the very soothing celery green […]

Still drinking

The Chicks are not much for the traditional Christmas luncheon. We are all about the traditional Christmas cocktail. With appetizers. Heavy appetizers. Here’s Kim, Betsy and me. We seem to have latched on to Sambuca as our go-to cocktail and appetizer establishment. We are all about the Buca Beignets, puffs of dough stuffed with mozzarella […]

Home for Christmas

I often say that we are privileged to serve because we stand on the shoulders of giants. I felt that in a very meaningful way today as we gave flood survivors mattresses that will allow them to sleep in their own homes again for Christmas. We are able to serve because two very tenacious furniture […]

Weather weenies

The day before giveaway And all through the warehouse Boxes are everywhere And probably a stray mouse The agencies will be here To pick up their presents So Christmas will come To those who have less The high today will be 22 degrees. There is snow and ice on the ground. Our temporary 90,000-square-foot warehouse […]

Funny hats

Is it a real job when part of your duties are digging through boxes of fantastic donations and putting on funny hats? I think so. Most definitely. We are at the airport warehouse on Saturday with some fantastic volunteers who are donating their time to sort donations for our Christmas Giveaway. You just never know […]


Yes. I am thankful. More than usually thankful this Turkey Day. It’s been an amazing six months. And even though CRC, the building, was converted into the Toxic House of Poo, most of what’s happened since the flood in May has been astoundingly positive. Let’s just take a quick jaunt down memory lane to visit […]

Let there be dock doors

Not sexy, I know. But we have dock doors, the first outward sign of progress in rebuilding CRC. As you may recall (and if you don’t I will assist you here), the dumpster crashed into one of our dock doors during the flood, rendering it useless. The water in the building corroded the other dock […]

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