Sad fact

Much has been made of the obesity epidemic. Here’s how we see it every month at CRC. When we have our monthly giveaways and new clothing is involved,  our partner agencies frantically search through the offerings for 1X, 2X and 3X. Smaller sizes go untouched. Why is that? It is mostly due to the fact […]

Fun Central

I will not linger long here because it’s been a tiring day, but if you do not put Oyster Easter (always the Saturday before Easter) on your calendar for next year you are a fool. Sorry, maybe that’s too harsh. This is the best pay party of the year – it ‘s loose, it’s fun, […]

Grown up girls

Lookee here, lookee here! Where are we? We are in our new space at CRC! The furniture installers came today and brought us the most beautiful furniture imaginable. Everything matches. Betsy and Kim celebrated this milestone by forcing me to buy them lunch and then spent time assigning me menial tasks before Oyster Easter. Do […]

A child trapped in an attic

“Is that still going on?” I hear it all the time about flood recovery. Yes, I reply wearily. It’s still going on. Today we had 35 cases at the warehouse, picking up new mattresses, sofas and chairs. Here are the stories: A young mother brings her 4-year-old daughter with her to pick up mattresses and […]

Betsy and her hats

Betsy’s going to kill me, but I was going through some digital photos just now and a recurring theme struck me. Betsy loves hats. Too much, I fear. We have, on occasion at CRC, boxes of donations of new items that must be inventoried. This is Betsy’s happiest moment. Inventory. It requires organization and precision, […]

Almost home

Blinds. We are just waiting for the blinds to arrive and then we can move in the furniture and get back to business at the CRC warehouse. We are slightly concerned…no, strike that…I am slightly concerned that I will not know how to operate all the fancy new systems for the lights and heat and […]

Warehouse duty for the Titans of Industry

The Chicks play no favorites at the Community Resource Center. As the saying goes, in the end the pawns lie down with the kings. I’ve always said if the definition of a nonprofit executive director doesn’t include cleaning the toilets and taking out the trash, then you’re just not doing your job. So if you […]

Hear the oysters calling?

I am not much of a party girl, I hate to say. But even I love the kick-off party for Oyster Easter.  Every year, it’s almost as if the weight of winter is lifted at that party. The guests just bust it up. Not literally. It’s way too classy a crowd for that. But they […]

The Chicks get some class

The Chicks are just thrilled that the ALIAS Chamber Ensemble is performing a benefit for us Saturday night! In a town full of musicians, this is a pretty special group made up of well-known professional  players from the Nashville Symphony. They decided to form ALIAS in 2002 to color outside the the lines, as it […]


Betsy, I felt it important to make you aware of an unacceptable situation today. I had to leave the warehouse for a few hours and left Catherine in charge. When I returned I noticed Catherine had turned on the space heater and moved it to a location more convenient to her. Perhaps in the future […]

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