Tale of two Targets

I am not embarrassed to report that the Chicks will shop for the best deal we can get for the big School Supply Giveaway. Sometimes it’s our liquidation wholesaler, sometimes it’s an Internet deal and sometimes it’s a big box retailer. Well, of course, this feeds right into Betsy’s shopping addiction. She tried a self-imposed […]

The mean streets of Brentwood

I am sure the world has been breathlessly waiting for me to weigh in on The Contributor controversy. Wait no more. The City of Brentwood has been trying to stop vendors from selling The Contributor, a newspaper focusing on the issue of homelessness, on medians or street corners in the city. It has cited an […]

Flashers in the park

Cucumbers hide in a leafy camouflage, popping out when you least expect like flashers in the park. Lorna Crozier, Sex Lives of Vegetables We have our first cucumber at the Community Resource Center. Kim found it this morning, hiding under a blanket of leafy foliage. It’s fetching, don’t you think? We pondered whether to leave […]

End-of-the-week report 6/24

Sitting on my deck having a glass (O.K.,  a plastic cup) of wine: Two big things stand out. We had our monthly giveaway, our last one at the airport warehouse. Goodbye, bird poo, which was increasingly becoming a problem. Let’s just say there are a few CRC things that won’t be moving back to our […]

We love the Baptists

  The burly boys from the First Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, are at the airport warehouse this morning, unloading new dressers and nightstands from a furniture truck that drove all the way from Wisconsin. It’s a trans-American day here. We’re pretty excited because now we have stocked an entire house-worth of new furniture for […]

End-of-the-week report

Reporting from the open dock door of CRC while having an iced tea with lemon and a cigarette. Between the three of us Chicks, we: Bought Betsy a Mac, which she’s still learning how to use. Issued invitations to the Open House for all the folks who helped us after the flood. Set up the […]

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