Get to know our nonprofit partners

God boxes

It is a bitterly cold day, this first day of the January Giveaway. But the first people to arrive (aside from Johnny Webb, the pastor from Kingdom Vision, who is always here bright and early) before 9 a.m. is John Smith from the Community Outreach Partnership of Bedford County. It’s a brand new organization and […]

The tree of life

We are the “supply line” to troops battling on the front lines. We like to visit with our partner agencies to see first hand the struggles they contend with every day. Yesterday, we went to the Room In The Inn, a program that serves chronically homeless people. It was inspiring, to say the least. Room […]


Nardos Matusala has been coming to CRC for a long time. She works for a nonprofit, Quality Living, that provides services for people with special needs. I’d always wondered about Nardos’ accent, but until this week I didn’t know the dramatic story that has been her life. Nardos was born in Eritrea, a country in […]

The girls from Bedford County

Mary, Robin, Leta and Joyce are the girls from Bedford County. We just love them. They all run different nonprofits, but they’re all in each other’s business.  Joyce is the heart of Caregiver’s Relief, which helps people who have to take care of relatives with long-term memory issues such as Alzheimer’s. Mary and Leta help […]

Go Eagles!

If you’re in need of a lump-in-your-throat, three-hankie post, this just in from Joan Anderson, an administrator at Project Reflect, one of CRC’s partner nonprofits. Project Reflect, co-founded by Sister Sandra Smithson, just started a middle school this year to pair with its elementary school. 2009 was the inaugural year of the middle school’s football […]

Senior Power!

We have a lot of senior centers that partner with CRC. And one of the comforting things I’ve learned over the years is that all of them are actually run by seniors. There’s probably a politically correct name for seniors now, like “advanced citizens” or “people who are just smarter than me.”  But don’t think […]

Fisher of men

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” No, Elder Johnnie B. Webb does not carry around fishing poles because he is fishing for men, or women and children for that matter. He carries around fishing poles because he likes to fish. “I went fishing this morning, and all I […]

Home girl

This is Deborah Harding. She helps poor people buy homes and, lately, she’s been helping poor people who are worried about losing their homes. Deborah is the executive director of You Can Make It Home Ownership, a nonprofit that counsels first-time home buyers on the ins and outs of mortgages and lending. She also works […]

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