Get to know our nonprofit partners

Father’s Day at CRC

The Millennial is celebrating his first Father’s Day Sunday. But that’s not what this is about. This is about CRC helping 300 fathers we don’t even know celebrate. Ring. “Miss Catherine, we’re having our Father’s Day cook-out and we need prizes.” It’s Brenda Morrow, the executive director of the Organized Neighbors of Edgehill. By the […]

Strange requests

We get them all the time. And most of the time we come through. We have nonprofit partners that serve every population in need you can think of – children, seniors, the homeless, refugees, those recovering from addictions. And they all need things that sometimes you don’t consider a necessity. But necessity apparently is a […]

The best people

Some of the best people who work at CRC never get a paycheck. They have no benefits and and they never ever complain about the lack of either. They’re the work crews from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department and CRC would have a hard time living without them. The sheriff’s department provides crews to Davidson […]

Anatomy of a giveaway

The January Giveaway is tomorrow. Yes, I know tomorrow is February 2, but last week there was still snow and we are weenies about that in the South so we postponed it. So basically the giveaways are made up of basic necessities we buy with grant money and surplus inventory donated to us from major […]

Making a house a home for the formerly homeless

How’s Nashville, the campaign started by the Homelessness Commission to find housing for the chronically homeless, has had a smashing success rate over the last year, putting more than 500 people into permanent housing. They’ve started holding residents’ meetings to encourage community and they asked CRC for some door prizes to encourage participation. What a […]

By the books

CRC has more than 90 nonprofit partners that need us for everything from personal hygiene products to new clothing to basic household necessities for their clients. Not every nonprofit agency is a good fit with CRC. But that doesn’t mean The Chicks can’t find a way to make a mutually beneficial relationship work. Take Book […]

The best mission statement ever

One of our nonprofit partners is the Emmanuel Family Life Center in Clarksville. It’s an outreach of the First Missionary Baptist Church and their mission statement on Facebook just made me smile. It’s long, but it’s so worth reading. “We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, dirt […]

Another warehouse chick

The Chicks just love Robin Norris. Robin works for Catholic Charities coordinating housing for refugees. So she’s a warehouse rat like Betsy and me except her warehouse is full of items, some required by law, that every family Catholic Charities resettles must have in their homes. Everything Robin gets from CRC is brand new. She’s […]

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