When your emergency becomes our emergency

Just a little rant here because the Chicks are so appreciative of every bulk donation we get.

But. BUT. We are only Two Chicks in a Warehouse and one of them has a little age on her.

Twice in the past week, someone else’s emergency has become our emergency. It happens all the time. ALL THE TIME.

Last week, it was cubicles. A company called on Wednesday to say they had cubicles to donate. If someone could get them by Friday. We found a home for the cubicles. When you have more than 80 nonprofits you work with that’s not too hard.

BUT. Today, a company that had offered to donate 13 pallets of new blankets in June and then disappeared from the radar called to say we could have the blankets if we could get them by Friday. FRIDAY. THIRTEEN PALLETS.

Sorry. Thank goodness for Progressive Directions and my buddies Tim and Ronald who kindly loan us a truck and themselves during just such emergencies not created by us but dumped in our laps. THANK GOODNESS.

We will get the blankets. We will give them to people who otherwise would be cold this winter. We’ll feel really good about that. BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.



When your emergency becomes our emergency

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