End-of-the-week report

Reporting from the open dock door of CRC while having an iced tea with lemon and a cigarette. Between the three of us Chicks, we: Bought Betsy a Mac, which she’s still learning how to use. Issued invitations to the Open House for all the folks who helped us after the flood. Set up the […]

How does your garden grow?

We’re getting off to somewhat of a slow start in the Community Resource Center edible garden. My grand vision of this was that the garden would be overflowing with fruits and vegetables for passers-by who might have eaten more recently at a soup kitchen than a bountiful garden. And it will get there. The tomato […]

Pressure washing, wine and barbecue

A typical day at CRC. We have appointed today to wash the last remaining flood goo off of the last remaining things that made it through the flood – shelving in the storage room. “I’ll bring my pressure washer, ” says Kim. Of course, Kim has a pressure washer. I love that girl. I cleverly […]

What an idiot

More than a year ago now, I had a business phone installed in my home and had calls to the Community Resource Center forwarded here in the wake of the flood that took our warehouse. What an idiot. In the beginning, I was puffed up with pride. Look at me! I have found a way […]

Bomb-sniffing dogs

Got your attention, didn’t I? So, we are happily giving away furniture to flood survivors at the temporary warehouse today when who should arrive but two airport policemen with their bomb-sniffing German Shepherds. No, they did not suspect the Chicks of harboring terrorists or plotting to overthrow the government. They use the warehouse to train […]

Saint Robert

We said goodbye to Robert today. Well, not goodbye. But, definitely, see you later. We moved some remaining inventory out of A+ Storage, our home away from home after the first days in the flood’s aftermath. Here’s how we found Robert. John Scannapieco, our board chair, urged me to quickly find a temporary warehouse. I […]

Office supplies

As you all know, the Chicks are almost back in our remodeled offices with the sad exception of phone and internet service (don’t even get me started), and that necessitated a trip to the Office Max for a whole new set of office supplies. Let me just say this about three women shopping for office […]

Every Southern woman

Every Southern woman is supposed to wear funny hats and grow vegetables in the dirt, at least according to the move Steel Magnolias. Betsy will be in charge of the funny hats. Kim and I will get our fingers dirty in the new raised bed outside CRC’s front door, thanks to our super board member, […]

A girl and her forklift

You could hear her coming before you saw her. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! And around the corner at the airport warehouse comes Kim driving her brand new (at least to her) forklift, loaned to her by our angel Tom in North Carolina. You would have thought she’d just gotten a new Mercedes. Really. Pico was tremendously […]

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