Mom of the year

Meet Betsy Alice Everett, winner in the family category of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on People with Disablities Awards of 2011. Betsy is proud mother to Kirstin Sunshine, a vivacious fun-loving 14-year-old. Kirstin has a few limitations but Betsy doesn’t see it that way and neither does anyone else who has come within 200 miles […]

Asleep on the job

Betsy and Kim wonder why I never post any photos of them hard at work. They say I always snap photos of them doing silly stuff like imitating fighting ninjas with expandable fly swatters and wearing funny hats that make noises. So I try to take a serious photo of them assembling shelves. And that […]

A little help from our friends

I promise you I am not on the HCA payroll. But I want to just say that these people will do anything for nonprofits. Within reason, of course. Case in point: HCA Community Day. Once a year, HCA sends virtually all of its employees to one non-profit or another to help out with anything the […]

The monkey dance-off

We are choreographing the first-ever Monkey Dance-Off here at the world headquarters of the Community Resource Center. It is not every business that has the opportunity to do this. But at CRC, we receive a fair number of stuffed animals that sing from a major retailer and we just felt as though they needed to […]

The Warrior Chick

I just needed to report today that Betsy rocked out the Warrior Dash this year. The Warrior Dash involves engaging various unpleasant obstacles such as barbed wire, contaminated mud and fire on a 3-mile course that participants pay $50 each to endure. I, of course, spent that Saturday on my deck drinking gin and tonics, […]

Messing up our stuff

The anatomy of a giveaway at CRC. Every month, nonprofit agencies from throughout Middle Tennessee come to our warehouse for the giveaway. Some of it involves every day items their clients can’t buy with food stamps – soap, shampoo, paper products, diapers….whatever we can get our hands on at a good price from our liquidation […]

This is how we roll

Kirstin came to visit CRC the other day and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to snap a photo of Mom and Kirstin on the wheelchair ramp specifically built for her. Well, actually that’s not true. When we redid the building after the flood everything had to be ADA compliant. But we like to […]

Fly swatters and pirate costumes

Betsy has had too much desk work. It is time to inventory. Time to unpack boxes holding unknown treasures, assign a value to them and repack them in appropriately marked containers for future distribution to nonprofit agencies. OK, this was going to be a serious post about our professional inventory system, but now it’s about […]

How does the garden grow

A little oddly, if you want to know the truth. The CRC Community Garden is going as well as can be expected the first year, but I have learned some things. 1. Do not plant tomato plants so close together. It is now a jungle and I am having a hard time actually finding the […]

Nuts gather here

Finally, finally, we had our first giveaway back at CRC in more than a year. We were all giddy with excitement. Betsy spent days arranging all the school supplies, which is always what we give away in early August to send the kidlets back to school with the essentials to succeed. And we always throw […]

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