Bacon Wednesday: Bacon Mac and Cheese

The Chicks held a party a few weeks ago to thank our wonderful Oyster Easter committee for all the hard work they do to make our biggest annual fundraiser a success. Attendance was very good because we served them Kim’s Bacon Mac and Cheese! Bacon Mac and Cheese. So wrong, but so very, very right. […]

The King Daddy of Kool-Aid

The flood of May 2010 brought many hidden blessings and one of them was Preston Bailey. Before the flood, we were amiable acquaintances. Preston would come by and pick up household items for his nonprofit, Welcome Home Ministries. But after the flood, when the Chicks were in full-on flood relief and recovery mode, Preston became […]

Bacon and pimento cheese spread sandwiches

We had a truly revolutionary Bacon Wednesday a few weeks ago. Betsy made her grandmother’s pimento cheese spread. We used it on bacon and pimento cheese sandwiches. I am just going to say that we were happy nobody else was here because we were not up to sharing. I have Googled this extensively and there […]

Up-Cycle Nashville

The pallet project now has a name: Up-Cycle Nashville. And we have prototypes! Kim has been hard at work at the Community Resource Center World Headquarters in her well-appointed workshop (folding table holding her tools) and in the outdoor construction area (concrete slab near the back door) creating the first of what we hope will […]

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

The three chicks always strive for innovation here at the world headquarters of the Community Resource Center, where I am the executive director, chief fundraiser and toilet cleaner. Especially on Bacon Wednesdays. Yes, every Wednesday we eat bacon in some form or another. Why would you not have Bacon Wednesdays? Section 3, Paragraph 28 in […]

Bow to King Frank and Queen Janice

It was a great Oyster Easter! The weather was perfect. The candidates for king and queen were on their best game, raising money and having fun on behalf of the Community Resource Center. A huge thanks to Roger Barnett and Patricia Apple, Rob Wagner and Chrystie Wooley, and Buddy Messer and Kim Hunter for their […]

Meet our royalty

Hey, did you know that Oyster Easter and the Swan Ball are exactly the same age? We both turn 50 this year. Which one do you think is more fun? Since we’re junkyard dogs, we’ll never be invited to the Swan Ball so we’ll pick Oyster Easter! Our King and Queen candidates for Oyster Easter […]

We’re Number One!

Oyster Easter has been voted the Best Charity Event by readers of the Nashville Scene in its Best of Nashville Contest! Thanks readers! We must assume that you’ve all been to the first and best Spring party and enjoyed all the oysters you can eat, a sumptuous Cajun Buffet by South Street, the great music […]

Mystery boxes

A more traditional enterprise might call this inventory control. We just call it sorting. CRC is truly blessed to get bulk donations from several major distributors that come boxed like mystery Christmas presents. You just never know what’s inside until you open the box and some of the contents can be, well, silly. Even slightly […]

Fun times with Oyster Easter Royals

Two ways to kick out the royal jams this weekend and support your favorite candidates for Oyster Easter King and Queen. Friday night, you are invited to a Wedneck Weddin’ Weception for newlyweds Patricia Apple and Roger Barnett. In lieu of wedding gifts, make a donation to the Community Resource Center a.k.a. Chick Central. Wear […]

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