Many hands make light work

The Chicks have been totally blessed with lots and lots of donations of surplus inventory. What is surplus inventory, you might ask (or might not so I’m asking on your behalf)?  Companies generally end up with extra stuff. It might be – and these are real examples of items donated to CRC – cases of […]

Spiced bacon twists

It is Bacon Wednesday and we have hit the friggin’ jackpot this week. Spiced bacon twists. They are better than pig candy. We ate a whole container full. All of them. I am going home and making some more for tomorrow, even though Thursday is not an officially sanctioned bacon day at CRC World Headquarters. […]

Blessings from the flood

It’s been two years since the historic flood that devastated Nashville and Middle Tennessee, but blessings continue to come from the disaster. Our partner agency, The Ark Community Resource and Assistance Center, got one this week. The Ark has a variety of programs serving those in need in south Cheatham County. They operate a weekly […]

Tomato blight

So the vegetable garden at CRC World Headquarters is going pretty well, although I learn something every year. This year I learned that a tiny tomato plant in April becomes a giant tomato plant by July. I planted them too close together and now they are overtaking everything else. The poor basil plant is fighting […]

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon waffles

When one does not take regular meal breaks because one is so busy and doesn’t have time, it becomes imperative to have certain labor-saving devices at one’s disposal to make sure the staff is well fed. We have an electric skillet for frying up our bacon. We have a blender that is yet to be […]

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon-wrapped water chestnuts

  You’re so 50s if you remember eating bacon-wrapped water chestnuts at cocktail parties. You’re so 2012 if you still devour these beauties like peanuts. Hey, each one only has a third of a strip of bacon and there is a vegetable in the middle! Betsy and I enjoyed them immensely at Bacon Wednesday this […]

A few nice things

We work with the Downtown Partnership’s homeless initiative, which is basically run by one guy named Adam Ries. This is one of the few programs I know about that’s totally win-win. The partnership represents downtown businesses, which have been plagued for years by chronically homeless people, primarily men, sleeping in doorways or doing their business […]

The cutest volunteers ever

This is most of the marketing department at Kirkland’s, an incredibly cute bunch, don’t you think? They came over to CRC yesterday to help us sort the enormous amount of donations that have threatened to take over every corner of the warehouse. This is not an easy job. The boxes are heavy and the temperature […]

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