Bacon Wednesday: Roasted tomato and bacon tart

The Chicks have had a bountiful harvest of tomatoes from the community garden at CRC World Headquarters this year. Chick One is the gardener. Chick Two is the consumer since she proudly states that “I don’t stick my hands in dirt on purpose.” That’s O.K. I find gardening – particularly in a small, controllable patch […]

Trading partners

We do a lot of trading in the nonprofit arena. Happily, many nonprofits are the recipients of generous donations in surplus inventory from a number of places. But they can’t always use the donation. So we have an informal network of trading partners so that the donation eventually finds its way to a new home. […]

Bacon Wednesday: bacon cheese tartlets

The Chicks worked hard for our bacon this week. Two days of hot work in the warehouse for the School Supply Giveaway. So we deserve our bacon cheese tartlets. The recipe is from our good friend, Mrs. Pillsbury. You can just use the recipe below or hop on over to the Pillsbury site. Bacon cheese […]

School daze

So for the past two days, the Chicks have been giving away backpacks, notebooks, pencils, glue sticks….all the good stuff that makes up our annual School Supply Giveaway. The Community Resource Center serves 600 extreme at-risk children every year, not only with school supplies but also personal hygiene products and clothing that helps them return […]

Cherry tomato and basil pasta

The community garden at CRC World Headquarters has yielded an embarrassing bumper crop of tomatoes, which came in handy today because it’s the first of two days of CRC’s giant school supply giveaway. Every year, we get extreme at-risk kids back to school ready for success with school supplies, personal hygiene products, socks and clothing. […]

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies

This week for Bacon Wednesday, CRC World Headquarters presents bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies. You know you already want one. Or 10. There is obviously no nutritional value whatsoever in bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies, but the Chicks have been working diligently in our 95-degree warehouse getting ready for the annual school supply giveaway. Next week, dozens upon dozens […]


For the three of you following the progress of the vegetable garden at CRC World Headquarters, here you go. Visual proof that the garden is yielding actual produce. No, I did not get this stuff from the farmer’s market. These are actual vegetables produced in an industrial park about two miles from downtown Nashville. Since […]

Food deserts

Here is an example of how educated people sometimes don’t get that the poor aren’t rushing to McDonald’s because they just love a Big Mac. This was a conversation stream on Facebook that started with the correct assumption that if people ate healthier food on the front end, they’d have fewer medical bills on the […]

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon cheeseburger dip

You just cannot go wrong when Bacon Wednesday involves baconĀ  and Velveeta. There are certain people, uninformed people, who believe that Velveeta is not really cheese. Haters gonna hate. But that’s okay. More Velveeta for the Chicks. Betsy basically made this recipe up after finding something similar on the Internet that involved “beef crumble pizza […]

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