I’m dreaming of a bacon Christmas

So, Betsy has thrown down the gauntlet. The holidays are just around the corner and a simple gingerbread house is apparently not nearly enough. She has posted on Facebook a photo of…drum roll!…the bacon house. As if to ask: Catherine, why do we not have a bacon house at CRC World Headquarters? Well, I don’t […]

Hitting the jackpot

In the world of giving away furniture to nonprofit agencies, when you get a call from a law office you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Let me back up here. We work with a lot of businesses to give away furniture they no longer use. The only stipulation CRC makes is that the furniture must […]

Bacon Wednesday: Peanut butter, chocolate chip and bacon cookies

Here is your Halloween treat. Yes, bacon in cookies. And it works. My friend, Danny Bonvissuto, alerted me to this concept for our weekly celebration of bacon at the CRC World Headquarters. In fact, we now have an impromptu Bacon Squad searching every corner of the blogosphere for unique bacon recipes. I will be short […]

The prettiest witch

The day before Halloween, we just want to present you with the prettiest witch in all of Middle Tennessee. We had a lot of Halloween costumes and decorations at the last CRC giveaway and the granddaughter of one of our nonprofit partners came along with her grandparents. She wasn’t quite sure who I was or […]

Start spreading the news

The Chicks ♥ our friends from the Tennessean who are helping us sort in the warehouse for the entire month of October. We are heading into the Christmas Giveaway stretch and we need all the help we can get. We start getting ready for the Christmas Giveaway in June. And, over time, a lot of […]

Keeping up with the times

You would not think a dock plate would elicit such gushing enthusiasm from the Chicks. In fact, you may not even know what a dock plate is. So let me take you back in time for just a second. Neither Betsy or I have degrees in warehouse management. We have had to learn as we […]

Alert! Bacon catastrophe

Listen up, people. This is serious. The drought may have messed with your yard and killed your pansies, but now there is a much more severe consequence. Agricultural experts are predicting a bacon shortage. This, of course, will have a profound impact on one of the nation’s premiere pork events, Bacon Wednesday at the Community […]

Why we matter

This is Joan Anderson from the Smithson-Craighead Academy, one of the most effective charter schools on the planet for helping extreme at-risk children get back in the game and stay there. And she is holding the reason the Community Resource Center exists. Yes, it’s just a packet of paper donated by a healthcare company,  OPTUMInsight, […]

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon Crumble Apple Pie

Ta da! Here, as Jon Stewart says, is your moment of zen. Bacon Crumble Apple Pie. Oh, and there’s cheese in there, too. You will want to make this pie because it’s easy and because it will amaze your friends. We snatched this recipe off of Yummly and changed the apples from Golden Delicious (yuk) […]

Lifters, fixers and sorters

  Every year, the wonderful folks at HCA spread out into the Greater Nashville Metropolitan area and volunteer at nonprofits on Community Day. We love that. All of us. Yesterday was Community Day and we had a loyal (most of the group come year after year) band of merry volunteers who faced a monumental task […]

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