Bacon Wednesday: The Bacon Butty

Oh, yes. I anticipate a lot of porn traffic on this one. The bacon butty is an English sandwich. It’s about as popular across the pond as the hamburger is here in the states. And it’s the essence of simplicity. There are only three ingredients: bread, butter and bacon. Really, what else do you need? I don’t know if “butty” refers to butter or the size of your posterior once you finish eating one.

There is really no recipe for this. You simply fry up some bacon, slather butter on some bread (we used a crusty French bread), toast the bread until the butter melts and the bread gets a little crispy, and then pile on the bacon. I mean PILE on the bacon.

The photos in this post have those special black bars at the top and the bottom because I frame-grabbed them from our first ever video at CRC World Headquarters! This was an experience because I truly did not realize that Betsy is camera shy. She’s so outgoing, so vivacious. But when that camera started rolling she shut up tighter than a clam. “No, I don’t want to talk! Stop the camera! You talk!”

Alright, already. I talked. So we are bringing Bacon Wednesdays to the world now. And a lot of other things, too. We’ll make videos about our wonderful nonprofit partners and what a giveaway day is like, how our CRC Community Garden is growing, and maybe we’ll finally be able to bring to the screen the world premiere of the Monkey Dance Off. We spent an arduous three hours shooting it, but it still has not left the editing room.

Please check out the Bacon Butty on You Tube. And share us, like us, give us some lovin’. Bring home the bacon for the Chicks.

By the way, on a serious note, we outfitted a classroom at the New Hope Learning Center with bookshelves and file cabinets today. And we placed 21 desk chairs with another partner that serves the disadvantaged elderly. We’re not all about the bacon. Well, not always.


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