Bacon Wednesday: Bacon waffles

When one does not take regular meal breaks because one is so busy and doesn’t have time, it becomes imperative to have certain labor-saving devices at one’s disposal to make sure the staff is well fed. We have an electric skillet for frying up our bacon. We have a blender that is yet to be used but it is destined for a bacon milkshake of some sort. And we have a waffle iron at CRC world headquarters. How in the world would you make your bacon waffles without one?

Bacon waffles are simply waffles with, yes, pieces of crunchy bacon incorporated into the batter. We serve our bacon waffles with some bananas liberally sauteed in Jack Daniels, some sweetened whipped cream and, of course, a strip of bacon on the side.

If you don’t have a favorite waffle recipe, try this one from Epicurious. As to the bacon, we always recommend Benton’s Bacon, hand-crafted in eastern Tennessee by the legendary Allan Benton. Locally, it’s available at the Grassland Market in Grassland, where Miss Daisy King imports it every week. But call ahead. It goes fast.

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon waffles

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