Bacon Wednesday: Bacon and pizza

Silent Auction

We couldn’t decide. It’s “making silent auction baskets” day at CRC World Headquarters as we get ready for the kick-off party for Oyster Easter Friday at the Bound’ry (7-10 p.m. – food, dancing and the announcement of the royal candidates – ya’ll come). And we had our fabulous volunteer, Susan, here to help.

Lunch time came and I was, as is my habit, frying bacon for Bacon Wednesday. But Susan asked, “Have you ever had Joey’s pizza?” Why no, we have not. “The Gladiator is to die for.” By all means, let’s get the coffins ready.

So we had an appetizer of Bacon Classic:

PizzaAnd The Gladiator:

BaconSo wrong. And yet so right.

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon and pizza

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