Bacon Wednesday: Bacon, egg (and cheese) sandwiches

Catherine’s perfect bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

It is Bacon Wednesday once again at CRC World Headquarters and today the three chicks enjoyed the classic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. However, we couldn’t help but notice that we all fixed them a different way.

Betsy’s sandwich complete with the heel of the bread loaf

I go with what I think of as the classic: Buttered toast, three strips of bacon, fried egg with a still runny yolk, a slice of Velveeta. Betsy is one of only two people I know of who will willingly eat the heel of a loaf of bread as part of her sandwich. She eschews the cheese. Just bacon and egg, with the bread fried in a little leftover bacon grease.

And Kim goes in a completely different direction. Bread not toasted. Mayonnaise. Egg, bacon and cheese. I am pretty sure all this comes down to childhood preferences. The first time most of us had a classic breakfast sandwich was when our parents fixed it for us. And we still love it just the same way.

By the way, to make this relevant to the nonprofit world, this week we have found homes for six beautiful cubicles a bank donated. They’ve gone to live with Nations Ministries, which serves Nashville’s refugee community, for new offices they’re opening. We did this on an empty stomach, by the way.

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon, egg (and cheese) sandwiches

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