Bacon Wednesday: Bacon and Pimento Cheese Wraps

It was a highly caloric day at CRC World Headquarters as we combined two of nature’s most perfect foods: bacon and pimento cheese into one yummy, buttery wrap.

Betsy makes the pimento cheese according to her grandmother’s recipe, which is totally yummy. And very unusual. Click on over here to get it.

This was a total team effort. I cooked the bacon, Betsy made the pimento cheese and Kim was the chef, combining all the ingredients into an oozy, cheesy, bacony (not a word, I know….don’t judge me) symphony of flavor. In all, we went through almost a pound of bacon between the three of us. And Kim fried the wraps in 100 percent real butter.

So, it is a very, very good thing that tomorrow is warehouse work day. The fine folks from Kirkland’s are coming to help us sort through mounds of donations from another major retailer and it supposed to be on the up side of the 90s. We will need to sweat off the 2,354 calories those wraps cost us today. But worth it. Oh, so worth it.

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon and Pimento Cheese Wraps

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