Bacon pancakes

It is once again Bacon Wednesday at the world headquarters of the Community Resource Center.

We are particularly deserving of Bacon Wednesday this week because we held the giveaway yesterday and Monday. More than 60 of our nonprofit partners got basic necessities for their clients such as soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and laundry detergent. Telling mission moment of the day: “Oh, this is terrific,” said one of our partners. “Laundry detergent that isn’t watered down.” It never occurred to me that people would water down laundry detergent to make it stretch. Could we talk about that in the General Assembly rather than introducing stupid, meaningless bills (take your pick)?

But I digress. This week for Bacon Wednesday we are having strips of West Wind Farm bacon enrobed in pancake batter. Yes! We have found a wealth of promising bacon applications on Pinterest. In the coming weeks we will be sampling bacon-wrapped pretzels, bacon-wrapped Tater Tots and maple French toast and bacon cupcakes. Today we kept it simple. Take cooked bacon and put it on a griddle or in a frying pan. Cover with pancake batter (we used the Bisquick batter you just mix with water in the plastic jug). Slather on the butter (real butter, naturally) and drizzle with maple syrup (also real, naturally – you did know that most “maple syrups” are really corn syrup and maple flavoring?).

Amazing how a few strips of bacon and some pancake batter can brighten up your day. Transformational, really.


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